Not my spam
I just finished adding an SPF record on my personal domain. So, if your mail provider uses SPF, you won't get any email from spammers trying to impersonate me. If you do get spam that says it's from me, your mail provider isn't using SPF. Tell them to go to www.openspf.org and implement SPF checking on their inbound mail servers. SPF isn't 100% foolproof but it can really help cut down on the spam.
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Because I said so on 6 May 2011
Blackboard, so what
I worked at Blackboard, from the spring of 2000 to the fall of 2005. In that time, I had the privilege of working with some very talented people. For myself, it was a supercharged learning experience in Linux systems administration, large scale systems management, data center operations...you name it. We constantly rose the each challenge and conquored it. For everyone involved, there was blood, there was sweat and there were tears and in the end, we were a dominating force. That domination has also caused me to form some deep-rooted hatred for the company.
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Because I said so on 20 April 2011
Why I quit Facebook
On April 7th, I cleaned out my Facebook locker: cleared all personal info, removed all photos (except 2 profile pics), removed notes, removed groups and pages, prompted others to admins of groups I created, etc. The only thing left is a message pointing people to my web site. I left a lot of friends confused, wondering why I did this. The answer is: Facebook is the greatest threat to personal privacy and is an unchecked power.
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Because I said so on 13 April 2011
Stop Abusing the word "Open"
Dear [every proprietary software vendor],
If I cannot modify your API code (eg. it's not distributed under an Open Source license) then you can't call your API "open." It is simply "published." The term "open" has come to mean "modifiable by anyone." Please change all your marketing materials and web sites to the proper terminology. Thanks.
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Because I said so on 9 Dec 2010
Audible fail
I take a long time to read books. It's not that I'm a slow reader, I just don't have hours of spare time that I can just pick up a book and read. Instead, I read a page or three when and where I can. Audio books sure would be a nice thing to have because I do spend hours in front of a computer. I could have a audio book playing while I go about my job. Heck, I could listen to 3 or 4 books a week, easy. Alas, the folks at Audible.com won't be getting any of my money because they only support Windows and Macs, neither of which I use (at least, not by choice.) Oh well.
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Because I said so on 4 Oct 2010